Wanxiang Blockchain Summit: aitos.io delivered a keynote about Business Innovation in IoT 3.0 age

The 6th Annual Wanxiang Global Blockchain Summit Internet of Things 3.0 themed Forum: aitos.io CEO Leo Lin delivered a keynote speech “When Blockchain Meets IoT:Building a Trusted IoT Data Infrastructure for Business Innovation”


The theme of the 6th Annual Wanxiang Global Blockchain Summit for 2020 was "Integrated Innovation" and was heavily attended by major global technology leaders, scholars and industry elites . The major mission at hand of these invitees was to jointly explore the latest developments in digital technologies such as blockchain, 5G, AI, and the Internet of Things. This innovative brainstorming activity kicks-off a plan to promote the implementation of large-scale commercial applications of blockchain technology to truly benefit emerging social and economic developments.

Mr. Leo Lin, CEO of aitos.io delivered the closing speech at the Wanxiang Global Blockchain Summit, Internet of Things 3.0 Themed Forum

From "technology” to "business” to "Ecosystem integration innovation"

Mr. Leo Lin’s strategically-delivered summary speech detailed his reflections of aitos.io’s business model herein "aitos.io has developed a unique blockchain application framework BoAT (Blockchain of AI Things) SDK solution carried on the Internet of Things platform, and cooperated with well-established cellular IoT module manufacturers to run the blockchain based BoAT ( Blockchain o AI Things) solution. Module products allow more and more IoT devices to access blockchain services through the rapid digital transformation brought on by “Blockchain IoT Modules”, a new defacto-standard aitos.io is promoting internationally. Device data should be safely uploaded to the cloud, and also be recorded on the trusted blockchain. From technology integration to ecosystem innovation, aitos.io and their vertical industry partners have astonishingly built an ever-extending ecosystem around the BoAT blockchain application framework during the past 18 months. This has been accomplished through multiple levels of empowerment from chip architecture to the IoT chips and wireless modules as well as global telecom operators.

Wanxiang Blockchain and aitos.io jointly announced the official release of “BoAT+PlatONE IoT Data Enablement Platform

At the meeting, Leo Lin, on behalf of both Wanxiang Blockchain and aitos.io, announced the official release of "BoAT+PlatONE IoT Data Enablement Platform". Leo illustrated, during in the official release, that "BoAT+PlatONE IoT Data Enablement Platform provides an end-to-end open capability structure for IoT + blockchain ecosystem to flourish; this is to be oriented toward each and every cellular module vendor member from the Blockchain IoT Module Alliance, plus various vertical IoT industry enterprises dedicated to build vertical market access for the module alliance members. The end-to-end open enablement platform of the blockchain ecosystem provides the PlatONE consortium blockchain data storage service of Wanxiang blockchain and the BoAT blockchain application framework of aito.io. Blockchain IoT modules and platform-based blockchain data services will work together to enable the traditional IoT industry with IoT 3.0 evolution. This serves to foster quicker transformation of existing use cases, while offering the launch of a blockchain and Proof of Concept pilot project opportunity. Adoption of this platform will offer the following three benefits to customers in the Internet of Things industry: (1) Shorten Time-to-market (2) Reduces the threshold to start using the technology (3) Lower overall costs. aitos.io will focus and emphasize business model innovation based on a trusted IoT data. aitos.io tenaciously works together with IoT industry experts and business representatives to compliment a bottom-up integration approach around the Internet of Things and the blockchain (two distinct ecosystems), in order to promote expanded exploration for the value of data.

Wanxiang Blockchain and aitos.io jointly announced the official release of “BoAT+PlatONE IoT Data Enablement Platform” during Wanxiang Blockchain’s October 28th Global Summit-Internet of Things 3.0 Themed Forum”

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