WAIC 2019 Hackathon| NASA (Nibiru and aitos.io) team ranked among the top three

WAIC 2019 | NASA (Nibiru and aitos.io) team ranked among the top three in the World Artificial Intelligence Conference Hackathon!

Mr. Leo Lin. aitos.io’s CEO shared during the award speech: his personal comments "As the fifth round member of INESA Innovation & Entrepreneurship Community, jointly established by Xuhui District government, Microsoft (China) Co. Ltd and INESA (Group) Co., Ltd, we can disclose that we are old friends of Microsoft. Thank you very much for the artificial intelligence and Internet of Things experiments from Microsoft. This experience gave our team the opportunity to get combat-ready for such future challenges. During this practical, hand-on operational process experience, we obtained completely different results from past self-supervised projects results. This is a comprehensive summary of the past experience. The award was the result of the team members' joint efforts. For sure, we can expect in the future to have a stronger comprehensive assessment of Microsoft Azure solution. It will allow us to comprehensively promote the commercial implementation of the combination with aitos.io’s BoAT Solution. "

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