UNISOC partners with aitos.io to release “blockchain-ready” Cellular IoT chipset

UNISOC partners aitos.io to integrate BoAT blockchain application framework into cellular IoT chipset with trusted data on-chain

An expanding digital economy is guaranteed when data security along with trust are the guiding principles for smooth progression; to lead this vision, UNISOC and aitos.io are two leading synergistic companies shining brightly. They have partnered for strategic cooperation to launch the “BoAT” blockchain application framework and to fully support trusted data uploaded from commercial IoT devices to the blockchain.

UNISOC announced on May 27th their intention to integrate aitos.io’s BoAT blockchain application framework into their IoT chipset platform to fully support various IoT devices with trusted data on chain. Based on mutually-beneficial and synergistic value, UNISOC enthusiastically built this cooperative relationship with aitos.io for the integration of IoT with the Blockchain. aitos.io is a key technology startup focusing on convergence of IoT and Blockchain technologies. The major mission is embedding IoT devices with the “BoAT” blockchain application framework to boost the concept of “Blockchain of AI Things” for trusted data on chain.

During December, 2019, aitos.io along with nine mainstream cellular IoT module manufacturers jointly launched the “Blockchain IoT Module Alliance”. The nine original members included Fibocom, Quectel, Neoway, SIMCom, MeigSmart, GosuncnWelink, Mobiletek, Lierda and YUGE. And most members of the alliance have already made plans to release their own “blockchain IoT module” based on BoAT Framework in 2020.

The blockchain IoT module will serve as an important driving force for the innovation of the blockchain and IoT integration . It will ensure that the IoT data is trusted, secure and cannot be tampered with from the original source of data generation (IoT devices). The “Internet of Everything” is actively building the next-generation infrastructure under the guise of a new digital infrastructure.

UNISOC's Ivy 8910DM baseband chipset is the first Cat.1 cellular IoT platform supported by aitos.io “BoAT” blockchain application framework. As a blockchain application middleware, BoAT will empower 8910DM-based IoT devices with the ability to directly access the blockchain and invoke smart contracts. In a typical IoT + blockchain application, the IoT application can upload the hash of the raw data to the blockchain through BoAT while jointly uploading the raw data to the cloud to achieve a "blockchain-cloud" data credible correspondence.

aitos.io and UNISOC are planning a cooperative roadmap for the strategic launch of more IoT chipset solutions supporting BoAT gradually, as well as, extensively utilizing the TEE’s secure execution environment, root of trust and other security capabilities of UNISOC’s IoT chipset architecture. aitos.io is also pioneering the integration of the “BoAT” blockchain application framework to comply with ARM’s PSA (Platform Security Architecture) certification requirements for IoT industry applications intending to achieve “trusted data on-chain” turn-key solution.



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