Thundersoft launched blockchain “safe” at the network edge for supply chain finance

Use Case #1: On-Chain Asset management of inventory books, asset identification

The collateral goods in the dealer's fully-automated warehouse are affixed with electronic tags and a CCTV video camera is installed in the warehouse to continuously probe for inventory irregularity by monitoring the entry and exit doors/windows of those goods from inside the warehouse. Electronic tags and video probes continuously transmit status information such as the location of the goods and video information of the goods, when transporting them in and out of the warehouse. This data point is then sent to the TurboX ™ Edge Kit edge gateway deployed in the warehouse. The TurboX ™ Edge Kit uses the embedded BoAT blockchain framework to digitally sign the electronic tag and the AI-processed warehouse data, then the signature will be uploaded into the blockchain for permanent storage on site. Financial institutions can reliably check whether a collateral good is in its original condition by poling the status of the goods stored on the blockchain with the records of storage and withdrawal.

Use Case #2: Real-time monitoring of assets, abnormal movement of location alarm

A large number of IP cameras are deployed in the warehouse. The video usefulness detection system based on edge computing can judge the video content by detecting it up front or close to the video source, so as to detect the camera fault, content error and dynamically adjust the video quality according to the content



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