The Blockchain IoT Module Alliance has launched!

The Blockchain IoT Module Alliance has launched in December, 2019 with 9 Cellular IoT Module manufacturers and in cooperation with China Unicom IoT and Wanxiang Blockchain participation.

On Dec 25th 2019, in Nanjing “Qinhuai” District, under the guidance and sponsorship of China Unicom IoT and Wanxiang Blockchain, The Blockchain IoT Module Alliance was jointly established in Nanjing, China with 9 IoT module manufactures including Fibocom, Quectel, Meigsmart, Neoway, SIMCom, GOSUNCN, MobileTek, Lierda, Yuge, Juzix and During the launch, each vendor announced the release of their own brand Blockchain IoT module products based on’s BoAT Framework. “BoAT” stands for “Blockchain of Artificial Intelligent Things”, and is a blockchain application framework embedded into Cellular IoT Modules for incorporation with the Blockchain for applications in their networks. The strategic plan for the newly established Blockchain IoT Module Alliance is to actively explore the innovation of the integration of Blockchain of AI Things, ensuring data can be trusted from the source of IoT devices, and truly realizing the fantastic vision of “Blockchain Accelerating Growth for the Future” in the 5G era.

Blockchain IoT Module Alliance Launch Ceremony

During this launch meeting Alliance partners, more than a hundred government representatives, blockchain industry elites, Internet of Things leaders, representatives of cross-border industry experts, authoritative media representatives, etc. gathered together to witness the district co-sponsored by 9 mainstream IoT module manufacturers in China. This Blockchain IoT module alliance was established with Fibocom, Quectel, Meigsmart, Neoway, SIMCom, GOSUNCN, MobileTek, Lierda, Yuge, Juzix and, and is based on BoAT Framework. Each vendor has released Blockchain IoT module products of their respective brands. As the basic building blocks in the creation of Blockchain IoT modules, these increasingly sophisticated and integrated Modules serve as the starting point for the integration and innovation of the blockchain and the Internet of Things, ensuring that data can be trusted for Internet of Things devices from the source. The mission statement for the Blockchain IoT Module Alliance is to devote resources and energy into independent research and development of end-to-end blockchain technology, actively explore rich industrial application scenarios, and truly realize the beautiful vision of “the future of smart chains and the growth of all things” in the 5G era.

The "Internet of Things + Blockchain Joint Innovation Center" was co-founded by China Unicom IoT and Wanxiang Blockchain in June 2019, and it aims to integrate resources in the field of IoT and blockchain, and build a global IoT + blockchain ecosystem. It plans to focus on major application use case areas, and generate more ecosystem development uptake in large-scale application use cases for the Blockchain in the 5G IoT era. During the 2019 MWC Shanghai in June, 2019, The 9-Member IoT + Blockchain Innovation Center was jointly launched with a ceremony capped off by the official collaborative announcement of "BoAT" by with Fibocom and Quectel collaboratively for the World's first offerings of "BoAT" - integrated blockchain 5G IoT modules.

“Blockchain IoT modules will become the entry point for trusted blockchain applications in the Internet of Things ecosystem”.

Leo Lin,

December 25, 2019,

Nanjing, China

Mr. Leo Lin, CEO of, said during his keynote address that due to the relatively limited computing and storage capacity of the cellular wireless module itself, there are certain requirements for power consumption. The blockchain capacity that can be carried on the cellular module mainly refers to two Large basic capabilities: trusted IoT device identity management capabilities, and IoT device data on-chain capabilities.

On the basis of traditional functions, such as reliable connection services, customized development capabilities, location services, and AI capabilities provided by cellular wireless modules to IoT devices, a Blockchain IoT module integrates the above-mentioned blockchain capabilities. Additionally, this helps an IoT device add an important new function and concept of “data on-chain”, thereby further helping IoT applications call corresponding blockchain smart contracts, and realize the scenario integration of Blockchain + IoT applications.

The Blockchain IoT module will greatly simplify the industrial customers' "blockchain +" application pilot based on IoT devices. While the original IoT device data is on the cloud, the rapid transformation of the IoT device data “on-chain” business will be achieved. Therefore, industry customers can focus more on how to rely on blockchain capabilities to achieve business model innovation in industry scenarios. CEO Leo Lin mentioned in the keynote that currently, the baseband chip platform and the blockchain platform have been adapted with mainstream IoT module manufacturers, and can deliver the “BoAT” Framework (blockchain application framework ) based on cellular IoT module platforms. “BoAT” Supports trusted device identity management, digital signatures and data on-chain for IoT devices.

Gary Xu, CTO of

The celebrated release of China Unicom’s IoT+ Blockchain Enablement Plan was kicked off with key endorsements from senior personnel, including Mr. Chen Xiaotian, General Manager of China Unicom IoT, Dr. Xiao Feng, Chairman & CEO of Wanxiang Blockchain, Ms. Jessie Chang, Head of Ecosystem Engagement — GSMA Greater China, Mr Mark Zhou, Industry Leader, IBM Greater China Group, Mr He Fei, Deputy General Manager of China Unicom IoT. As the core platform solution of China Unicom’s IoT+Blockchain Open Enabling Program, and Juzix jointly released an end-to-end blockchain solution that integrates PlatONE + BoAT, and will actively explore the industry with customers from many industries in the Innovation Center to develop new opportunities. This indicates that the marriage of blockchain and Internet of Things technology has entered a new stage of development.

With more IoT Module technology features, there will be more industry development and growth!

The establishment of the Blockchain IoT Module Alliance will combine self-developed end-to-end blockchain core technology with application exploration of rich industry scenarios, and help blockchain + IoT ecosystem partners to share new opportunities for industrial development. A new round of partner signing ceremony for the Innovation Center also took place there in Nanjing. Recently joining the IoT + Blockchain joint innovation center are 9 leading Internet of Things companies including ThunderSoft, Nibiru, INGEEK, UROVO, ACloud, Autolink, ABUP, InHand, and M2Motive joined the Innovation Center to jointly build an IoT + Blockchain ecosystem.

A new round of partner signing ceremony for the Innovation Center

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Trusted identity authentication and privacy-preserving data computation solution for the enterprises of AIoT

Trusted identity authentication and privacy-preserving data computation solution for the enterprises of AIoT