Telefónica Tech partners with Fibocom and to bring IoT solutions integrated with Blockchain
1 min readMar 28, 2021

-- enriches Telefonica #TrustOS blockchain service on an international stage with first global mobile operator partnership for #BoAT solution

We proudly announces cooperation with Telefonica to accelerate the concept of Blockchain IoT Modules utilizing our “BoAT” embedded into Fibocom’s 5G IoT module. This collaboration will allow IoT devices easily access to Telefonica’s TrustOS blockchain service and #TrustID decentralized identity service.

We can proudly attest our PoC builds upon the successes of integrating the Internet of Things with the Blockchain to prove monetized value with data ownership, integrity and provenance. This breakthrough makes it possible for the creation of signed transactions on IoT devices for storage onto the TrustOS blockchain platform, based on Hyperledger Fabric, without any intermediary. is looking forward to expanded cooperation with Telefonica to enable more and more IoT devices with strong cryptographically-verifiable decentralized identity of origin on the blockchain which will build in great value for trust and identity in broadening Industrial IoT sectors for Industry 4.0.



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