Neoway and cooperate on LTE Cat.1 cellular Blockchain IoT module solution drives integration of Blockchain and IoT applications!

Key Feature #1: Tamper-resistant Security

After collecting the data from IoT devices, a Blockchain IoT module then uploads this data into the cloud. Subsequently, it then uploads the data to each node in the blockchain for storage and backup. This helps to synchronize the information of each node, and maintains the consistency and integrity of the data.

Key Feature #2: Guaranteed Data Privacy

To tackle data privacy concerns, Blockchain IoT module can sign the data and then send the data signature, hash result, into the blockchain. After which, certain related consensus parties can view, audit, and verify the data as needed through permissions and privacy protection settings to ensure the data is safe, anti-counterfeit and sharable.



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Trusted identity authentication and privacy-preserving data computation solution for the enterprises of AIoT