Nanjing Qinhuai Government and announce Strategic Cooperation

Nanjing Qinhuai Government, together with Wanxiang Blockchain, COG-IoT, and Announce the launching of Strategic Cooperation for an IoT + Blockchain Industry Innovation Center Project

On the morning of June 3, a forum titled " Urban renewal with temperature " was held in Qinhuai District, Nanjing, China. The forum hosted and delivered by Zhang Tai, the mayor of Qinhuai District and Han Liming, the mayor of Nanjing city, delivered the opening speech. During the forum, a community of experts and scholars from all over the country jointly study Nanjing's urban renewal issues. Of particular important during the forum was the release of the “14th 5-year Urban Renewal Action Plan” for Qinhuai District. At the same time, a number of urban renewal strategic, industrial, and project cooperation agreements were signed on the spot, including the Yangtze River Delta Internet of Things + Blockchain Industry Innovation Center project.

Pictured at the podium delivering the opening speech is Han Liming, the mayor of Nanjing city.

Ms Han Liming revealed during her speech The temperature of urban renewal should first be reflected in the satisfaction of the masses, always focus on the activeness of innovation, and must highlight the degree of integration of context. Urban renewal is a major rallying issue. We will fully absorb achievements of the forum, explore system design, path innovation, project promotion, etc. continue to release the comprehensive effect of benefiting livelihood, expanding consumption, promoting the investment, revitalizing industry. Let Nanjing always have a story to listen to, a temperature to feel, a life to place, and a future to look forward to.

IOT +Blockchain Industrial Innovation Center strategic cooperation agreement signing ceremony

A city’s urban renewal improves the living quality of residents and also creates a batch of industrial carrier space, while attracting a batch of quality projects to settle into the central city one after another. A point in case is Nanjing’s Silicon Lane initiative to creatively explore new directions for the renewal of the old inner city sector. During Nanjing’s 2021 Innovation Week forum “ Urban renewal with temperature “, enterprises such as China Construction Bank, China Development Bank, Huashe Design, Wanxiang Blockchain, CITIC Group and Qinhuai District signed up to participate in the strategic cooperation agreement. Mr. Leo Lin, CEO of, on behalf of the company, trilaterally signed a strategic cooperation agreement for the IoT+ Blockchain Industry Innovation Center project of the Yangtze River Delta region together with Mr. Jin Chao, deputy mayor of the Qinhuai District People’s Government, Mr. Vincent Wang, Executive President of Wanxiang Blockchain, and Mr. Chen Xiaotian, Chairman of COG-IoT, together to promote “a warm urban renewal and a trustworthy digital base”.

Qinhuai District of Nanjing has a long history of advantages in the layout of the Internet of Things industry. The Internet of Things industry in Qinhuai District has formed an Internet of Things industrial agglomeration area with Baixia High-tech Zone as the core, Qinhuai Silicon Lane and Jinling Intelligent Manufacturing Innovation Zone as the radiating areas, and AVIC Science and Technology City, Yuedong New Gate West and Tongfa Building as the leading areas, with obvious development advantages. At the close of 2020, there were about 150 Internet of Things industry related firms in Qinhuai District, with sales revenue of about 20 billion yuan annually.

Participating Group Photo shot:Qinhuai District Chief, Mr. Zhang Tai, Qinhuai District Deputy District Chief Mr. Jin Chao, and the signing representative Mr. Vincent Wang, Wanxiang Blockchain Executive President, Mr. Du Yu, Wanxiang Blockchain Deputy General Manager, Mr. Chen Xiaotian, COG-IoT Chairman, and Mr. Leo Lin, CEO.

Qinhuai District will jointly establish an IoT + Blockchain Industry Innovation Center project in Menxi (oldest region of Nanjing city) together with Wanxiang Blockchain, COG- IoT, and on the principle of complementary advantages and common development. Blockchain technology is being integrated with IoT to better provide support and empowerment for the Internet of Things ecosystem.

The project focuses on technological innovation based on ecological clustering for the integration of the Internet of Things industry + blockchain technology. The specific result will foster an innovative growth wave for Internet of Things industry and blockchain technology for the Yangtze River Delta region, to help jointly beef up the Yuedong New Mengxi AB Digital Park, Qinhuai Silicon Lane Digital Application Pilot, and Smart City Trusted Digital Base Application pilot. is strategically positioned and very actively engaged to help meet the needs of building a trusted digital base for IoT via the integration of IoT+Blockchain. has accepted the role of Rainmaker to build up the basic platform of ecosystem players from the chipset, cellular IoT module, IoT Terminal Device and Blockchain Platform, network and trusted identity , industry standards, standard organizations, industry applications, etc..A unification is required to achieve cross-domain and cross-organization integration and innovation to firmly grasp the historical opportunity of "14th Five-Year" Yangtze River Delta integration and cooperatively promote construction of a highly-credible digital infrastructure.

About is a technology start-up focusing on the integrated innovation of IoT and Blockchain. By combining its own rich resources in the IoT industry, has raised the standard for a blockchain application framework BoAT (Blockchain of AI Things) with delivered via IoT chipset and module to enable IoT devices quickly implement trusted data on-chain and access the blockchain services. At the end of 2019, and nine mainstream cellular wireless module manufacturers jointly initiated the Blockchain IoT Module alliance, and successively released their own brands of BoAT blockchain module products. This resulted in hundreds of millions of IoT devices equipped with the capability of blockchain services access as a trusted entry of IoT+Blockchain application.’s vision is to leverage an alliance of global IoT vendors to empower them to tap the value of applications and data.

At the beginning of the project launch in the end of 2018, received angel investment from the IoT industry expert group and strategic investment from Wanxiang Blockchain. In December 2018, was awarded membership into ARM Accelerator Camp. In June 2019, emerged as the founding member of China Unicom IoT and Wanxiang Blockchain IoT+Blockchain Joint Innovation Center. In November, became a empowerment partner of Microsoft’s AI and IoT Lab . In August 2020, transitioned into Tencent’s Blockchain Accelerator program as the first member. In February 2021, joined RISC-V International as strategic member and initiated to form new Blockchain SIG (special interest group). In April, initiated 1st China technical requirements standards for trusted blockchain access of IoT terminals.



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