Inspiring News | wins best use-case award for 2021 Zero-knowledge Blockchain Annual List
4 min readJan 5, 2022


On the 28th of December, the results of all listed categories and selections for the Zero-Knowledge Blockchain Award for 2021 were officially announced. This year the main theme for the awards was focused on the Rise of Industrial Blockchain.

The market research and analysis for the Zero-Knowledge Blockchain list are led by ZK Chain News Four and conducted jointly by other distinguished industry blockchain media including: Daling Research, Chain, Blockchain Certification Economic Media, and Gyro Finance News. The research included hundreds of participating teams from companies and institutions conducting in-depth research and analysis. After a two-month review, this undertaking was based on facts and combined with four evaluation criteria (technical strength, application capability, industry contribution, and brand influence). The evaluation also incorporates the opinions of dozens of well-known industry experts.

After this extensive evaluation process, was admiringly honored as the best use-case award winner in 2021 for their BoAT IoT devices Trusted Data On-Chain Service.

Zero-Knowledge Blockchain Annual List Award for

By utilizing the secure enclave in the IoT devices and the blockchain technology, the BoAT solution enables every device with a unique on-chain identity (a crypto keypair), allowing the IoT data integrity and ownership to be verified and identified on blockchain.

IoT data genuineness is the essential foundation for the trusted data infrastructure, which is the base point for data exchange and value extraction. The blockchain IoT wireless module which is enabled by BoAT, ensures the IoT data genuineness at the last mile to the data source. This allows fragmented IoT devices to play a fundamental role in various IoT + Blockchain scenarios and helps the enterprises extract more value from the trustworthy IoT data by integrating blockchain into their business and ecosystem.

With the advent of the era of large-scale and deep applications of blockchain technology, the on-chain and off-chain information anchoring of the integration of the IoT+Blockchain is helping the physical World and the Digital World to be trustable, and the key middleware blockchain module has gradually become the consensus of the industry. BoAT blockchain application framework quickly empowers IoT modules to become blockchain modules. All kinds of IoT devices can plug and play to implement blockchain transactions and the smart contract calls on the mainstream blockchain so that The Internet of Things + Blockchain is easier to implement.

As Blockchain utilization grows into large-scale adoption for deep-level applications, the on/off-chain data anchoring the integration of the Internet of Things + Blockchain is bridging a trusted link between the physical and digital worlds. As this integration of World grows, a key middleware blockchain module becomes the showcase for this new industry. provides a BoAT blockchain application framework that quickly empowers IoT modules to become blockchain modules. All kinds of IoT devices can implement blockchain transactions and evoke smart contracts onto mainstream blockchains with plug-and-play efficiency, making the implementation of the Internet of Things + blockchain much easier.

About is a technology start-up focusing on the integrated innovation of IoT and Blockchain. By combining its own rich resources in the IoT industry, has raised the standard for an open-sourced blockchain application framework BoAT (Blockchain of AI Things) with delivered via IoT chipset and module to enable IoT devices quickly implement trusted data on-chain and access the blockchain services. At the end of 2019, and nine mainstream cellular wireless module manufacturers jointly initiated the Blockchain IoT Module alliance, and successively released their own brands of BoAT blockchain module products. This resulted in hundreds of millions of IoT devices equipped with the capability of blockchain services access as a trusted entry of IoT+Blockchain application.’s vision is to leverage an alliance of global IoT vendors to empower them to tap the value of applications and data.

At the beginning of the project launch in the end of 2018, received angel investment from the IoT industry expert group and strategic investment from Wanxiang Blockchain. In December 2018, was awarded membership into ARM Accelerator Camp. In June 2019, emerged as the founding member of China Unicom IoT and Wanxiang Blockchain IoT+Blockchain Joint Innovation Center. In November, became a empowerment partner of Microsoft’s AI and IoT Lab . In August 2020, transitioned into Tencent’s Blockchain Accelerator program as the first member. In February 2021, joined RISC-V International as strategic member and initiated to form new Blockchain SIG (special interest group). In April, initiated 1st China technical requirements standards for trusted blockchain access of IoT terminals.



Trusted identity authentication and privacy-preserving data computation solution for the enterprises of AIoT