INGEEK-based digital key and blockchain technology brings better mobile travel experience
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INGEEK-based digital key solution with blockchain technology builds a better time-sharing, car leasing model to improve the mobility experience

During the last stop of the Slush China tour 2019 in Shanghai, INGEEK was shortlisted for the "best creative idea award" roadshow. Mr. Shan Hongyin , CEO of INGEEK, released the latest digital car key solution at the event. to the high interest of investors , media and industry experts. As an ecological builder of digital car key solution, INGEEK has also actively carried out in-depth cooperation with, aiming at the rapidly growing time-sharing car rental market, and jointly launched the trusted person-car digital identity solution of digital key + BoAT xID.

Over the past five years of rapid growth in China, a time-sharing leasing market has been gradually emerging. With the rapid development of a new energy-efficient vehicle industry, BAIC, Geely, SAIC, Lifan Automobile and other vehicle companies have joined the “aggressive war-like" competition in the sector. There is no doubt that time-sharing leasing is a very promising market segment. Compared with traditional passenger cars, the time-sharing car market has three characteristics: “car-sharing mobility”, “high-frequency asset assignment” and “high-frequency user-rights transfer”. On this new track, and INGEEK jointly collaborated to launch a digital key + BoAT xID trusted person-vehicle digital identity solution that quickly outputs, shares, and empowers the entire industry.

Car-sharing Mobility

The xID Car-sharing Mobility management system uses eID (national digital ID) signatures on smart phone to solve the problem of identity verification for short-term renters. xID is used as a data record identifier in a smart contract on the blockchain to solve the problem of credibility when combining the identities of both the person & the Car. This credibility issue is solved by combining the 4G module with a built-in BoAT SDK plus PlatON's data privacy-preserving, and KYC identification solution. Through the technical support of the cellular network, cloud platform, and blockchain, a distributed and tamper-resistant control is formed.

High-frequency Assets Assignment

Survey data from ISeeCar, the largest used car website in the United States, illustrates turnover rates of luxury brands' high-end cars is much higher than the average. The residual value assessment of these high-end used cars relies on a large amount of real and credible vehicle status information. This data collection process must be safe and credible to prevent criminals from falsifying or tampering with data. The initial investment in such a system is certainly not low.

The xID solution utilizes BoAT SDK embedded and integrated into the cellular IoT module within the Car’s T-Box. While in the T-Box, the signed data in the vehicle is collected by the T-Box and then uploaded on the blockchain, thus ensuring that the data collected during the entire life cycle of the vehicle is obtained at the source, guaranteeing effective protection.

High-frequency of Usage Rights Transfer

In recent years, “the conversion from old to new drivers of growth “ has become a hot word. The application of technologies such as artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things has taken the lead to innovate in the sharing economy by exploring various new business application scenarios, with flexibility to meet the needs of consumers at all levels. The cost for luxury sports cars is astronomical, and the demand for most luxury cars on the market is seemingly temporary, yet can stimulate huge market demand through short-term rental usage. Creating a luxury sports car rental platform requires designing solutions for high-frequency digital user rights circulation. It consists of digital keys, KYC (Know Your Customer) user trusted identification, smart contracts, machine payments, Geo-fencing and real-time tracking, massive user portraits, big data, and intelligent order management system. The so-called xID-Blockchain Mobility Solution is used to rationally plan transportation capacity, reduce passenger-less driving and idle time, and improve vehicle operation efficiency.


In a time-sharing commercial use case, there are three security issues that need to be addressed:

1) Legal Identity Confirmation of Rental Car User

2) Legal entry and asset control issues for the vehicle

3) Data credibility during the operation of the vehicle

eID is issued online by a National digital ID System to only identify the genuine user’s identity online without revealing detailed privacy information, it can also be used for offline identity verification, and can be loaded into the smart phone’s SE. The vID is a unique identifier of the vehicle, usually a VIN number, or other unique identifier.

xID trusted user & car identity combination is one very good example that makes use of the blockchain with INGEEK digital key solution. xID = eID+vID, with eID referring to user digital identification and vID referring to the auto industry’s vehicle identification. The vehicle status and transactional information of a shared vehicle’s lifecycle will be stored on the blockchain from the moment it leaves the factory assembly line. The idea of xID started in early 2019 and grew out of a discussion of the concepts for security of digital keys along with the need for how to handle administrative regions. Our prototype solution was finalized during the Wanxiang Blockchain Hackathon 2019, last September, 2019. In the near future, we see far-reaching prospects of IoT applications and market opportunities in shared equipment assets.

The BoAT xID contains the digital signature of the renter ’s eID combined with the vID of the rented car and other content in a car sharing contract. The eID identity service provider can confirm the unique anonymous identity of the renter (only the eID back office can decrypt its actual identity), so as to determine their commitment to the car rental contract offer without revealing the original identity of the renter. The performance of the contract identified by xID is uploaded and stored in the smart contract on the blockchain, thereby solving the problem of the identity of the person-car.

After the identity of the renter is confirmed and compared with the identity in the smart contract on the chain, the renter is permitted to use the vehicle, and the operator assign a digital key to the renter for car control. During the driving process, the vehicle’s diagnostic performance is also uploaded to the Blockchain through the BoAT blockchain client in the T-box, which enables the reliable storage and sharing of operation data. The BoAT xID is placed in the digital key, and the time-sharing lease smart contract stored on the blockchain is uniquely identified by the tamper-resistant xID. The creative use of digital key + blockchain technology solves the credible person- car identity problem. Here, the eID signature is used to solve the problem of the identity verification of the renter; after the permission to use is confirmed, the digital key is used to solve the problem of vehicle control; during the car service, the vehicle diagnostic performance data is chained through the T-box to solve the problem of credibility of the operation data.

In order to be able to create a digital key solution that fully meets the needs of common user behaviors, INGEEK actively seeks technical cooperation from the upstream and downstream of the ecosystem, exerts its unique and accumulated advantages in the industry, and efficiently coordinates the mobile phone, application, car, and server together with blockchain companies. INGEEK has quickly established a three-dimensional security protection mechanism integrated with cloud+ device +chain. It can be said INGEEK’s digital car key solution, represents a turn-key solution to unlock the value-add in the smart car association.

Mr. Zhang Hui, Chairman of INGEEK, said:

As a pioneer in developing digital car key solutions, INGEEK has created a new secure and trusted digital car key system, which has greatly enriched the driving experience. INGEEK’s capability to create, implement and execute based on the visionary trajectory of the ever-changing vehicle sharing economy is complimentary. INGEEK has enthusiastically aligned strategically with, as a blockchain technology partner, to ensure that both user information security and network security are key to its future.


Founded in 2008, INGEEK is a technology company based in Shanghai and serves the whole country. INGEEK offers information security consulting and services, a complete end-to-end solution, and also innovative security products for vertical industries. Since its inception, the range of customers it servers is varied, covering the automotive, telecommunications, banking, insurance, power, e-commerce, manufacturing and other industries. INGEEK operates with a high-level of integrity and reputation, expanding nationally and globally to include more than 1,000 well-known domestic and foreign enterprises. INGEEK’s business foundation is based on traditional information security, cultivated by its focus in the automotive industry, where vehicle networking security and IoT security has become a strategic business. INGEEK is constantly upgrading their consulting and service technologies to maximize customer business needs. INGEEK-based digital car key solution have served nearly 40 different vehicle models from 20 domestic automotive OEMs and is leader in the field of automotive digital key usage.

About is a technology startup focusing on trusted identity authentication and data privacy-preserving for AIoT enterprises. Capitalizing on the rich resources of the global IoT industry, has been instrumental to successfully navigate the fragmented IoT vertical industry with an advantageous early adoption strategy for surging cellular IoT platforms. The mission statement of includes the ability to leverage the global alliance of cellular IoT manufacturers to empower IoT device manufacturers to tap the value of applications and data. At the beginning of the project’s launch in the second half of 2018, obtained angel investment from IoT industry expert groups and strategic investment from Wanxiang Blockchain also became a member of the sixth phase of the ARM accelerator growth camp.

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