’s X-Team wins award during 2019 Wanxiang Blockchain Hackathon’s X-Team wins third place award for xID-Blockchain Mobility Solution during 2019 Wanxiang Blockchain Hackathon

It has been a tradition for the past few years, during mid-September, to witnesses the return of the annual Shanghai Blockchain International Week. 2019 was no exception as an exciting three-day (Sept. 14th-16th 2019) Wanxiang Blockchain Hackathon and Conference was highlighted by the Wanxiang Hackathon competition. This competition typically attracts more than 100 software coders from the four corners of the Globe and was the backdrop to introduce this exciting and time-sensitive contest. During the challenge, the objectives were for each team to excel and strive to create innovative new Blockchain-infused technology solutions within a 48-hour time-frame to crowned as “Strongest Coder” moniker, concluding on September 15th. Of the 28 Teams that entered this competition titled “xID-Blockchain Mobility Solution”’s X-Team was by far one of the more outstanding contestant participants, capturing a 3rd place award at the conclusion of the match!

Mr. Gary, CTO led X-Team to a 3rd place prize finish

Car-sharing Mobility

The xID, blockchain mobility management solution uses eID signatures to solve the problem of identity verification for short-term renters. xID is used as a data record identifier in a smart contract on the blockchain to solve the problem of credibility when combining the identities of both the Person & the Car. This credibility issue is solved by combining the 4G module with a built-in BoAT SDK plus PlatON's data privacy-preserving, and KYC identification solution. Through the technical support of the cellular network, cloud platform, and blockchain, a distributed and tamper-resistant control is formed.

High-frequency Assets Assignment

Survey data from ISeeCar, the largest used car website in the United States, illustrates turnover rates of luxury brands' high-end cars is much higher than the average. The residual value assessment of these high-end used cars relies on a large amount of real and credible vehicle status information. This data collection process must be safe and credible to prevent criminals from falsifying or tampering with data. The initial investment in such a system is certainly not low.

High-frequency of Usage Rights Transferability

In recent years, “the conversion from old to new drivers of growth “ has become a hot word. The application of technologies such as artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things has taken the lead to innovate in the sharing economy by exploring various new business application scenarios, with flexibility to meet the needs of consumers at all levels. The cost for luxury sports cars is astronomical, and the demand for most luxury cars on the market is seemingly temporary, yet can stimulate huge market demand through short-term rental usage. Creating a luxury sports car rental platform requires designing solutions for high-frequency digital user rights circulation. It consists of digital keys, KYC (Know Your Customer) user trusted identification, smart contracts, machine payments, Geo-fencing and real-time tracking, massive user portraits, big data, and intelligent order management system. xID-Blockchain Mobility Solution is used to rationally plan transportation capacity, reduce passenger-less driving and idle time, and improve vehicle operation efficiency.

Trusted identity authentication and privacy-preserving data computation solution for the enterprises of AIoT