xID solution was unveiled at GSMA 5G Innovation Forum

GSMA 2019 Beijing Innovation Forum | xID solution empowers thousands of industries in the 5G era to achieve digital asset management on blockchain

GSMA 2019 Beijing Innovation Forum was held on the afternoon of November 12th at the Grand Hyatt Beijing. This forum Focused on the impact of 5G on the digital economy, and was highlighted with discussions about global development trends and the empowerment of vertical industries. Well-known industry heavyweight speakers and entrepreneurs were invited to conduct heated and in-depth discussions, leading to suggestions and final conclusions. The Beijing Innovation forum attracted well-known companies from all walks of life, including the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, blockchain, and cloud computing. All these ecosystem sectors are blending together to tap the unlimited potential of innovation in the 5G era, while also showcasing in real-time the power of 5G innovative application projects. Mr. Gary Xu CTO of, was an active participant in the exhibition, contributing an on-site interview by BTV.

2019 is the first year of 5G commercialization in China, and various 5G + industry innovations are booming. At the same time, with the strong support of the Chinese government, blockchain technology is also gradually becoming an important breakthrough for the development of industrial innovation. The intersection of 5G technology with the blockchain for converged enterprise innovation was widely discussed. Mr. Gary Xu, CTO of, said: “The concept of convergent Blockchain plus 5G wireless broadband technologies is now scaling, especially as its been applied to digital finance, the Internet of Things, intelligent manufacturing, supply chain management, digital asset trading and other “hot” fields.”

5G technology development on one hand improves the application usage experience for these above-discussed sectors; and on the other hand, it is likely to promote industrial integration. is a startup firm focused on supplying a framework for blockchain applications integrating into intelligent IoT devices. For today’s use case illustration, we’ll discuss xID assets a Property rights on-chain management solution. This solution uses the citizen’s identity eID to sign a digital label of the asset and the (Smart) contract agreement will then write it to the blockchain. Under the premise that IoT device identity privacy is protected, human ownership of property is realized along with the on-chain registration management for access to IoT devices . xID asset real estate chain management solution successfully debuted at the conference innovation show

eID is national digital ID system in China. With eID, it can not only reliably identify real human subjects online without revealing their identity data, additionally eID can be used in offline mode as well for identity verification. eID can be loaded into the secure element of a Smartphone, thereby adding a high-level of security for the user.

Point #5 illustrates Shared Power Bank Rental Demo

BoAT xID is suitable for various high-frequency usage rights transfer use cases, and has a wealth of applications for the sharing economy, intelligent manufacturing, and supply chain logistics. xID is a digital signature of a citizen’s eID on the asset’s digital label and the specific content (time, place, price, etc.) of the rights description. The eID identity service provider can confirm the user’s unique anonymous identity (only eID can be decrypted in the background). Their actual identity is used to determine their commitment to the contract of real rights usage without revealing the user ’s identity. The performance of the contract identified by xID is stored on the blockchain, so that “real property rights can be confirmed, information can be shared, and assets can be monitored.”

Welcome Speech by Ms. Si Han, President of GSMA Greater China

The President of GSMA Greater China, Ms. Si, Han, mentioned in her welcome speech, 5G application development’s initial planning stage is underway now, and new services will take a considerable amount of time to mature. Digital transformation of various industries and commercialization of 5G requires time as well. During his BTV interview, Mr. Gary Xu, CTO of, said “The mission of the GSMA is to connect more and more people and things through MNO operator networks. is committed to using blockchain technology and xID to integrate both the ID of people and ID of things. From this perspective, xID well embodies the concept of 5G integration and innovation for our conference. 5G has a huge impact on the digital economy, and China has the potential to become the world’s largest 5G market, resulting in huge opportunities and unlimited innovative possibilities for our “BoAT” technology. ”

About the GSMA:

The Global Mobile Communications Systems Association, or GSMA for short, was established in 1987 and is an industry organization in the global mobile communications field. GSMA members include nearly 800 mobile operators in 220 countries and more than 230 companies in the broader mobile ecosystem, including handset manufacturers, software companies, equipment vendors, Internet companies, and financial services, medical, media, transportation, and utilities.

About is a technology startup focusing on trusted identity authentication and data privacy-preserving for AIoT enterprises. Capitalizing on the rich resources of the global IoT industry, has been instrumental to successfully navigate the fragmented IoT vertical industry with an advantageous early adoption strategy for surging cellular IoT platforms. The mission statement of includes the ability to leverage the global alliance of cellular IoT manufacturers to empower IoT device manufacturers to tap the value of applications and data. At the beginning of the project’s launch in the second half of 2018, obtained angel investment from IoT industry expert groups and strategic investment from Wanxiang Blockchain also became a member of the sixth phase of the ARM accelerator growth camp.

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