won championship of 2021 Yangtze River Delta Blockchain Innovation Competition

Exciting News! brings home 1st place award in 2021 Yangtze River Delta Blockchain Innovation Competition

Since the registration was started on March 1st , 2021 Blockchain Application Innovation Competition for the Yangtze River Delta region is a highly touted measure of excellence, with participating teams and projects ranging from a wide array of industry sectors, including agriculture, medical care, judiciary deposit verification, various diverse industries, equity trading, carbon neutrality, pension real estate, media copyrights and other industries, all of these are sought after in the Blockchain world to solve “Pain points" proposed to gain data trust. The digitalization of the world is irreversible, and the blockchain has become an inevitable choice for the progress of the country and society to overlay the Internet, as well as to help upgrade and transform major enterprises in the 21st Century.

On June 6th, at 9:00AM, tremendous excitement and anticipation was a precursor to 2021 Yangtze River Delta Blockchain Innovation Competition Finals and Award Ceremony. This event was held at the Grand International Conference Hall of the Shanghai Science Hall with the theme to "fuse industry with emerging technologies”. Attending this event and delivering speeches were Mr Ma Xingfa, Vice Chairman of Shanghai Association for Science and Technology, Mr. Zhang Ying, Deputy Director of Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Informatization, Mr. Lu Min, Deputy Director of Science and Technology Commission of Shanghai Municipality, and Mr. Cao Xi, Deputy District Mayor of Yangpu District. The competition consists of Cyberspace Affairs Commission office, Shanghai science and technology commission and Shanghai economic and information committee, the Shanghai association for science and technology and the Shanghai Yangpu District People’s Government, Sponsored by Shanghai Yangpu District Science and Technology Committee and Shanghai Blockchain Technology Association.

A total of 116 blockchain application projects have been registered in this competition. The whole competition uses blockchain technology for on-chain registration, confirmation and review. The 42 teams were shortlisted for the semi-finals and divided into 4 groups for final competition. The application use cases per each candidate were extensive and feasible solutions were proposed to solve industry pain points. A total of 6 innovation teams and 6 growth teams entered the finals. On the day of the finals, shortlisted teams went through a pre-match lottery, project roadshow, tough expert drilling questions, counter-defense scoring analysis and other competition processes to select the first, second and third prizes finishes. The final judges were cherry-picked as experts in the fields of technology, industry and investment, and were composed of experts from 9 working units including Fudan University, Tongji University, and Shanghai High People’s Court. At the conclusion of the event,’s "BoAT Blockchain Application Framework- that empowers a Trusted Digital foundation for the Internet of Things" navigated into the content finals and after a rematch with the innovation group took away the 1st prize award.

When the games concluded, Mr. Gary Xu, Co-Founder & CTO of was interviewed by the media and had these comments to share “We are very lucky to be able to participate in this competition at the beginning of the Country’s 14th Five-Year Planning session and also successful reach the finals while taking in a 1st place finish. Our “BoAT” project really illustrates the company’s entrepreneurial spirit and the journey has just begun. As a representative for one of these great participating companies, I very much agree with the words and thoughts echoed by Ms. Wang Yi, a member of the China Association for Science and Technology and the executive chairman of the Shanghai Blockchain Technology Association. She said: ‘In the face of new situations, new opportunities, and new tasks, (we) face challenges directly, dare to innovate, and use blockchain as a core technology to better empower the real economy, help financial services, government governance, and improve information security, And continue to make new and greater contributions to build a world power of science and technology and a major innovation highland! “ We anticipate our BoAT to become a key force for the Shanghai Blockchain Association fleet to ride the wind & waves together.”

Positive results were gained from competition with the organizing committee, through to the successful holding of last two sessions of competition which also reflects positively with investment institutions and application scenarios. Some participating companies won bids for blockchain technology to empower government, finance, industries, etc; this was advantages for them to obtain capital valuation and get an IPO opportunity. By helping the development of these companies, the influence of Shanghai Blockchain Technology Association continue to rise in the Yangtze River Delta region and the whole country. This competition is committed to creating a precise supply-demand matching platform of “industry + technology + capital”. At the conclusion of the contest, an investment and finance matchmaking meeting will be held in July, 2021. Experts from the association’s think tank will provide comprehensive guidance to the participating teams and accurately match the industry application market use cases with Investment and financial institutions to empower the development of the real economy, guide capital to better serve technological innovation with the real economy, provide full life cycle service for the development of innovative elements such as funds and projects, contribute to the high-quality economic development of Shanghai and even the whole country, the industrialization of scientific and technological innovation achievements.

About is a technology start-up focusing on the integrated innovation of IoT and Blockchain. By combining its own rich resources in the IoT industry, has raised the standard for a blockchain application framework BoAT (Blockchain of AI Things) with delivered via IoT chipset and module to enable IoT devices quickly implement trusted data on-chain and access the blockchain services. At the end of 2019, and nine mainstream cellular wireless module manufacturers jointly initiated the Blockchain IoT Module alliance, and successively released their own brands of BoAT blockchain module products. This resulted in hundreds of millions of IoT devices equipped with the capability of blockchain services access as a trusted entry of IoT+Blockchain application.’s vision is to leverage an alliance of global IoT vendors to empower them to tap the value of applications and data.

At the beginning of the project launch in the end of 2018, received angel investment from the IoT industry expert group and strategic investment from Wanxiang Blockchain. In December 2018, was awarded membership into ARM Accelerator Camp. In June 2019, emerged as the founding member of China Unicom IoT and Wanxiang Blockchain IoT+Blockchain Joint Innovation Center. In November, became a empowerment partner of Microsoft’s AI and IoT Lab . In August 2020, transitioned into Tencent’s Blockchain Accelerator program as the first member. In February 2021, joined RISC-V International as strategic member and initiated to form new Blockchain SIG (special interest group). In April, initiated 1st China technical requirements standards for trusted blockchain access of IoT terminals.



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