wins AIoT New Dimension Award during AIoT Industry Landscape2022 Release Ceremony
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-- was awarded the AIoT New Dimension Award for Innovative Company of the Year and selected for the list of AIoT Industry Landscape2022 for two consecutive years

On December 9th, Shenzhen, China AIoT Industrial Annual Ceremony 2021 attracted nearly 1,000 people to attend in-person and online. This year the theme of the conference is to see a world in a grain of sand and to seek grand new opportunities through the fragmental AIoT market.

Prominent companies in the Artificial Intelligence of Things (IoT) industrial chain gathered to discuss the industry’s status, pain points, and the latest industry trends., a pioneer in integrating and innovating the IoT and Blockchain, received an AIoT New Dimension Award during this great event. The company has been accurately recognized as a leader utilizing the BoAT blockchain application framework to explore a bold new horizon of imagination to enhance the IoT ecosystem. Moreover, it continues to march forward with outstanding technical contributions to the ecological integration and innovation of the IoT + Blockchain. Hence has been admiringly listed on the “2021 AIoT New Dimension Award for Innovative Company of the Year”. recognized as 2021 AIoT New Dimension Award for Innovative Company of the Year at China AIoT Industrial Annual Ceremony

During the conference, China “Zhi Wu” AIoT Industry Research Institute and iot101 released AIoT Industry Landscape 2022. The distinguished AIoT Industry Research Institute also launched Blockchain Industry Landscape2022 for the second year in a row. In the past six years, iot101 has not changed its original objectives. It still adheres to the beginner’s mind by observing the breadth and depth of industry relevance and exploring the impact of the IoT juxtaposed against the profound changes in the economic structure. The IoT Industry Landscape is constantly being updated and growing, allowing all industry players to monitor the growth and progress achieved in one concise place. As a leading envoy for the IoT + Blockchain solutions, appeared in AIoT Industry Landscape2022 in both the main chart and the sub-divided blockchain segment. Leo Lin, CEO of, was once again invited to serve as the leading expert for the distinguished AIoT Industry Research Institute for Blockchain market and technology. has been listed in the “AIoT Industry Landscape2022 “ and Mia Tang, VP of Ecosystem attended the release ceremony as a representative of the blockchain sub-sector

Market opportunities brought on by fresh new industry trends

Quoted from iot101 (

In 2021, many fresh new industry segments have appeared in AIoT-related fields, most typical ones are “Carbon Zero” and “Metaverse.” The details are below:

(1) “Carbon peak” and “Carbon neutrality” In 2021, in the “Proposal of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China on Formulating the Fourteenth Five-Year Plan for National Economic and Social Development and the 2035 Long-Term Goal”, the “carbon emissions” “After reaching the peak, there will be a steady decline” included in China’s 2035 long-term goal. On October 24th, 2021, Xinhua News Agency released the Opinions of the Central Committee and The State Council accurately and comprehensively to achieve Carbon peak and Carbon neutrality, where the “1” in the “1+N” policy system provides a top-level design for the follow-up work.

“Carbon Zero” has been pushed to the forefront again. IoT applications play a critical role in edge data collection. Smart sensors will collect the status of real-time energy consumption for further management and control of energy. In addition, IoT solutions can predict and reduce carbon emissions through monitoring and optimization. Boston Consulting Group pointed out that AI can help reduce 2.6 to 5.3 billion tons of carbon dioxide, accounting for the total emission reduction by 5% to 10% of the amount.

In summary, when the IoT and Blockchain are combined, this process greatly simplifies and facilitates the collection and automatic reporting of environmental, social, and corporate governance data (ESG), thereby facilitating carbon-neutral trading. Overall, according to estimates compiled by the Global Electronic Sustainable Development Initiative (GeSI), ICT-related fields will help reduce global carbon emissions by up to 20% through the empowerment of other industries in the next ten years. Technologies such as the IoT and AI will be adopted by energy, construction, transportation, industry, agriculture, and other industries to promote application scenarios for reducing carbon emissions. Therefore, the advancement of the “Carbon Zero” technology goal will drive the broader penetration of IoT applications.

2) The Metaverse concept is a disruptive new Web 3.0 era solution. Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, recently announced that Facebook has officially changed its name to “Meta.” The company has pushed the concept of “Metaverse” to a new boiling point status. Since there is no definitive conclusion to the concept yet, it is not unique to one company or a specific industry. IoT Industry Research Institute argues that Metaverse is the digitization and virtualization of things from the physical world through various technologies. Virtualization technologies help provide services for the more efficient operation of the physical world.

AIoT companies can participate in multiple levels of Metaverse tiered development. For example, various sensor companies in the perception layer can provide the basis for metaverse perception of the physical world. Companies in the network layer can provide transmission channels of the physical world’s signals and access to the Metaverse. Enterprises at the platform and edge layers link and manage everything. They provide information and data processing capabilities. Finally, enterprises at the application layer rely on the empowerment of Metaverse and can bring the development results of Metaverse back to and serve the real world.

Therefore, the rise and development of the Metaverse will inevitably drive the application of IoT. It will also provide a bigger window of opportunity for the development of the industry.

About is a technology start-up focusing on the integrated innovation of IoT and Blockchain. By combining its own rich resources in the IoT industry, has raised the standard for an open-sourced blockchain application framework BoAT (Blockchain of AI Things) with delivered via IoT chipset and module to enable IoT devices quickly implement trusted data on-chain and access the blockchain services. At the end of 2019, and nine mainstream cellular wireless module manufacturers jointly initiated the Blockchain IoT Module alliance, and successively released their own brands of BoAT blockchain module products. This resulted in hundreds of millions of IoT devices equipped with the capability of blockchain services access as a trusted entry of IoT+Blockchain application.’s vision is to leverage an alliance of global IoT vendors to empower them to tap the value of applications and data.

At the beginning of the project launch in the end of 2018, received angel investment from the IoT industry expert group and strategic investment from Wanxiang Blockchain. In December 2018, was awarded membership into ARM Accelerator Camp. In June 2019, emerged as the founding member of China Unicom IoT and Wanxiang Blockchain IoT+Blockchain Joint Innovation Center. In November, became a empowerment partner of Microsoft’s AI and IoT Lab . In August 2020, transitioned into Tencent’s Blockchain Accelerator program as the first member. In February 2021, joined RISC-V International as strategic member and initiated to form new Blockchain SIG (special interest group). In April, initiated 1st China technical requirements standards for trusted blockchain access of IoT terminals.



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