& WanXiang Blockchain jointly orchestrate BoAT+PlatONE Blockchain Platform for IoT data enablement and WanXiang Blockchain will jointly launch an end-to-end IoT+Blockchain solution, BoAT+PlatONE IoT Data Enablement Platform at the Sixth Global Blockchain Summit on Oct.27 to Oct. 28, 2020.

China’s leading IoT think tank plans to usher in explosive growth in the development of Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT) by hosting the 2020 AIoT Industry Summit on August 26th in Shanghai. This guarantees to attract more than 1000 novice IoT executives to debate the future of AIoT.

Mr. Leo Lin discussed the latest technology of, one of the key innovative AIoT firms invited to participate with a keynote speech on how the Internet of Things + Blockchain –brings accelerated monetization and commercialization to the value of trusted data. Leo also highlighted his participation as a keynote speaker during the October, 2020 annual Shanghai International Blockchain Week, where and WanXaing Blockchain plan to jointly release an end-to-end IoT + Blockchain Solution, BoAT+PlatONE IoT Data Enablement Platform.

Leo commended further that not only is today’s integration innovation a technological but also an ecosystem-wide integration. He shared this point while discussing’s latest developments as a specific focus on the exchange of data value in an open platform.

Digital transformation is accelerating rapidly today, and this allows the traditional internet of things industry more exposure to value-added blockchain applications where business model innovation is evolving by adopting a new blockchain strategy. This greenfield concept (The Internet of Things + Blockchain ) is not only fortified with massive opportunities to be achieved but also specific challenges to be overcome.

We are pioneering this concept of Blockchain IoT Modules as framework at the edge of the Internet of Things, which we refer to as the “BoAT”. “BoAT” Blockchain IoT Modules will transform traditional brownfield Internet of Things devices into super-charged, faster and cheaper “connected” devices with data on-chain services. For the back-end server side of this equation, WanXiang Blockchain and Juzix jointly developed the new generation consortium blockchain with privacy-preserving computation supported PlatONE BaaS platform which offers standard API interface for IoT application server’s quick adoption .

BoAT+PlatONE IoT Data Enablement Platform provides blockchain technology to various IoT use cases for allowing data to create more value and exchanging the data value. At present, several customer projects such as mobility, energy, agriculture, etc. are underway for PoC projects, based on our BoAT+PlatONE end-end solution.

While on stage wrapping up his talk, Leo left the audience with a little teaser preview of upcoming events by introducing the October, 2020 Shanghai International Blockchain Week, jointly held with the 6th annual Wanxiang Blockchain Summit. Wanxiang Blockchain and will jointly release to the public BoAT+PlatONE IoT Data Enablement Platform for the Blockchain IoT Module Alliance, including alliance members and their enterprises customers. Those vendors are launching end-to-end open capability platforms of the Internet of Things + Blockchain ecosystem.

This platform will provide two major services: On the backend side is Wanxiang Blockchain's PlatONE consortium blockchain BaaS and on the device side is’s BoAT blockchain application framework to help the traditional Internet of Things industry quickly transform existing businesses to achieve an evolution of blockchain adoption and scaled usage.



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Trusted identity authentication and privacy-preserving data computation solution for the enterprises of AIoT