unveils BoAT Open Source program at 1st RISC-V World Conference China instrumental to unveils BoAT Open Source program for community developers at 1st RISC-V World Conference China

On June 21st, the first-ever RISC-V China Summit took place on the Zhangjiang Campus of ShanghaiTech University. The opening ceremony attracted prominent dignitaries for this week-long historic ssummit, including a speech delivered by Mr. Fu Xinhua, deputy director of the Municipal Economic Information Commission. This first-ever RISC-V Summit appealed to tech executives from all walks of life with more than 100 in-person exhibitors, and over 1,000 offline participants and attendees.

Leading up to this historic summit during February 2021, was’s appointment as a strategic member of the RISC-V Foundation. Together with Wanxiang Blockchain, collaborated with SiFive, StarFive and LeapFive to launch the Blockchain SIG (Blockchain Special Interesting Group of the RISC-V International Association). In the past six months, Blockchain SIG has been committed to recruiting industry partners interested in the RISC-V + Blockchain ecosystem and presenting the recent achievements at this conference. The registration link for the Blockchain SIG is:

June 24, 2021 - ShanghaiTech University

Mr. Leo Lin, CEO of, delivered a keynote speech at the main venue focusing on "BoAT-V Blockchain Application Framework Empowering a trusted data pedestal for IoT". Leo also joined the discussion with heavyweight guests from ecological partners Wanxiang and Leapfive. The forum focused on IP, chipset, IoT modules, trusted middleware and distributed industry applications, etc. The main theme was around the level of synergy generated by combining both “RISC-V architecture” and “Blockchain platforms” in the open-source community, and leaded discussions for new applications as well as future innovative business models.



Vincent Wang, Executive President of Wanxiang Blockchain

"Distributed Cognitive Industrial Internet"


Aglaia Kong, CTO, LeapFive

"How to build a trusted data pedestal for IoT- Chinese Trusted Embedded Architecture (TEA)"


Leo Lin, CEO,

"BoAT-V Blockchain Application Framework Empowers a Trusted Digital Base for the Internet of Things"

Link for the conference official website:

During his speech, Mr. Leo Lin expressed enthusiasm and optimism for the broad prospects of integrating RISC-V architecture with bblockchain at lower-level open ecosystem layers, as he reviewed the key activities for in the RISC-V environment over the past two years. Leo mentioned the joint launch of the RISC-V-based " Chinese Trusted Embedded Architecture (TEA)" plan with participation from LeapFive and Wanxiang Blockchain, as cooperation to join the RISC-V Foundation and participate in the launch of the "Blockchain SIG" for the global community, as an example.

Mr. Leo Lin, CEO of on the morning of June 24th delivering a keynote speech at the main venue session on “Blockchain + RISC-V at this special forum

BoAT-V: Blockchain application framework for RISC-V environment

Leo Lin kicked off his speech by announcing that the maiden voyage of “BoAT” Blockchain Application Framework with officially an open-source version for RISC-V open architecture-BoAT-V unveiled. The newly launched Github open-source project BoAT-X Framework provides a variety of access points for blockchain services and trusted data on-chain support for chip architectures and IoT modules, especially for RISC-V architecture. BoAT-V and RISC-V will naturally build upon synergies together in the open-source developer community. The audience can learn more about the technology and applications of “BoAT” blockchain application framework in the community website here:

BoAT achieves full commercial optimization for the Internet of Things

Leo articulated through the sharing of business cases, the main advantage of BoAT blockchain application framework is in accelerating the blockchain empowerment for IoT devices. Leo encouraged all partners in the RISC-V ecosystem to jointly build an open-source network around the value of data. What he said will fully help to realize a thriving open-source ecosystem that can optimize business systems and jointly create a trusted data base for the Internet of Things.

"The BoAT blockchain application framework has been open sourced on Github. Together with the open RISC-V architecture and distributed blockchain network, it actively promotes the integration and development of chip open instruction sets and blockchain capabilities in the Internet of Things era, thereby helping IoT terminal data to credibly flows from the physical world to the digital world. BoAT is like a ship or vessel that helps Internet of Things enterprise companies to credibly transport valuable data from the physical world into the new (Digital) Blockchain world."

Leo Lin, CEO,

About is a technology start-up focusing on the integrated innovation of IoT and Blockchain. By combining its own rich resources in the IoT industry, has raised the standard for an open-sourced blockchain application framework BoAT (Blockchain of AI Things) with delivered via IoT chipset and module to enable IoT devices quickly implement trusted data on-chain and access the blockchain services. At the end of 2019, and nine mainstream cellular wireless module manufacturers jointly initiated the Blockchain IoT Module alliance, and successively released their own brands of BoAT blockchain module products. This resulted in hundreds of millions of IoT devices equipped with the capability of blockchain services access as a trusted entry of IoT+Blockchain application.’s vision is to leverage an alliance of global IoT vendors to empower them to tap the value of applications and data.

At the beginning of the project launch in the end of 2018, received angel investment from the IoT industry expert group and strategic investment from Wanxiang Blockchain. In December 2018, was awarded membership into ARM Accelerator Camp. In June 2019, emerged as the founding member of China Unicom IoT and Wanxiang Blockchain IoT+Blockchain Joint Innovation Center. In November, became a empowerment partner of Microsoft’s AI and IoT Lab . In August 2020, transitioned into Tencent’s Blockchain Accelerator program as the first member. In February 2021, joined RISC-V International as strategic member and initiated to form new Blockchain SIG (special interest group). In April, initiated 1st China technical requirements standards for trusted blockchain access of IoT terminals.



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