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on November 19, 2019, an inaugural ceremony titled “Innovation drives smart manufacturing for the future” helped kick off the second phase of Microsoft China’s Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things laboratory program. Microsoft AI & IoT Insider Lab in Shanghai, China, together with the ZhangJiang Group, selected as a strategic start-up partner to expand global ecosystem capabilities in AI & IoT.

The Microsoft IoT & AI Insider Lab in Shanghai, China officially commenced operations in May, 2019 to offer various technologies and business opportunities to start-up firms. Since October, 2019 the IoT & AI Insider Lab has successfully indoctrinated the first batch of 30 AIoT (artificial intelligence of Things) enterprises and empowered them with tailored project expertise to help achieve commercial scale. Today, there are another 30 projects selected from more than 100 laboratory-mentored projects during this second phase of development ramp up. The laboratory awarded these 30 enterprises with entry certificates and groomed them for expanded empowerment. was selected during this second phase of Microsoft’s Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things Lab Empowerment program.

Mr. Guan Xiaojun, Deputy Director of Pudong New District, Shanghai City Government, commented during the event that the mission of Microsoft’s AI & IoT laboratory is to empower enterprises which also coincides with the direction of Pudong’s artificial intelligence industry. As the country’s first artificial intelligence innovation and application pilot materializes, Pudong New Area’s Government is crafting plans to showcase a “Belt and Island” artificial intelligence application prototyping area. This is expected to help Microsoft’s first-class artificial intelligence and Internet of Things empowerment platform to take root in Pudong and accelerate the promotion of artificial intelligence technology. The goal is to empower the industrial economy and promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries.

Mr Zou zuoji, vice President of Microsoft and chief operating officer of China, hopes that in the future, the laboratory can break through regional restrictions, expand the radiation range, attract more enterprises to settle in zhangjiang, deeply link pudong new area and zhangjiang’s high-quality policies and industrial resources, and use Microsoft technology to force every organization and individual in the world to make extraordinary achievements.

Ms. Chen, Weiwei, General Manager of Zhang Jiang Group, said that Microsoft’s AI & IoT Laboratory is an innovative cooperation project jointly built and operated by Zhang Jiang Group and Microsoft China with strong support from the Pudong Government. Zhang Jiang is very committed to supplying resource support in order to turn Microsoft Labs into an important technology platform for attracting domestic and foreign enterprises to develop technology in Zhang Jiang; these steps will help accelerate the process of cultivating unicorns through technology empowering enterprises.

Microsoft AI & IoT Insider Lab focuses on in-depth integration and innovation of artificial intelligence and Internet of Things technology in manufacturing, retail, medical, financial, urban construction and other industries. Microsoft’s AI & IoT Insider Lab also provides extensive technical product support, application use case innovation. All-round resources for skill training and market channel expansion can not only help startups accelerate incubation, but also use Microsoft's powerful ecosystem resources to meet the diverse needs of large enterprise among the global market.

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