plays instrumental role in 1st China technical requirements standards Initiative for trusted blockchain access of IoT terminals

As an emerging trusted network technology, blockchain has an inherent correlation with the future of IoT. As the starting point for the source of data collection for trust exchange on the blockchain, the ability to trust data from the terminal side can ensure that the data is trustworthy from the source. The blockchain, utilizes an innovatively effective “Trusted data” model where IoT data to be uploaded aids to boost the tamper-resistance characteristics of IoT. This has been widely recognized for credibility of the entire life cycle of IoT data. However, due to the highly fragmented characteristics of IoT verticals, existing blockchain technology often has more restrictions when directly applied to an IoT environment. On one hand, the off-chain IoT data required for existing smart contract applications (running on a blockchain virtual machine) is often difficult to obtain from a standard Oracle API following traditional security methods like Internet data. On the other hand, IoT devices are very differentiated, plagued many constraints in terms of cost, power consumption, connectivity, being unattended, etc., making it difficult for IoT devices to be used as ordinary blockchain nodes to achieve reliable data on-chain through blockchain consensus algorithms. In order to realize full life-cycle trusted IoT data, it is necessary to ensure that the data on the blockchain is reliably generated by the real IoT devices. Therefore, it is of great significance to standardize the technical requirements for trusted blockchain access of IoT terminals to ensure the security and credibility of the IoT data.

At the Telecommunication Terminal Industry Forum Association (TAF), WG5 working group meeting on March 23rd, 2021, “Technical Requirements for Trusted Blockchain Access of IoT Terminals” was organized by CTTL-Terminal(China Telecommunication Technology Labs) of CAICT(China Academy of of Information and Communication Technology). Based on early stage success in establishing the project, technical requirements standard for trusted blockchain access of IoT terminals has successfully exceeded expectation during pre-reviews, and is about to enter a drafting review stage. In the process of establishing the project, the standard has received extensive attention and support from the industry. Currently participating in the standards research activity are, Tencent Cloud, ARM China, Tongxin Microelectronics(TMC), UniSoc, Fibocom, MobileTek, Neoway, Vastchain, Microsoft, Haier, China Unicom, China Mobile, Huawei and Gan-dao and other companies in all links of the industrial chain.

The goal of "Technical Requirements for Trusted Blockchain Access of IoT Terminals" aims to formulate basic functional and security requirements for IoT device to access the blockchain services and to regulate that equipment manufacturers follow the requirements to provide products with blockchain access functions. The standard defines in detail the network architecture, terminal architecture, security requirements and functional requirements for trusted blockchain access of IoT devices.

CTTL-Terminals (CTTL-Terminals) is affiliated with China’s Academy of Information and Communications Technology and is a core China CTTL-Terminals laboratory. As a national authoritative testing organization, CTTL-Terminals is a high-tech ICT firm that combines technology development research, product standards & test method formulation, domestic & foreign product testing verification and technical evaluation. Their key focus is on terminals, software and related testing & certification work in the field. CTTL-Terminals’ business scope includes domestic & international certification testing, commissioned testing, product selection testing, etc., and their main technical focus including information communications, Internet, mobile Internet, IoT, Telematics, IIoT, artificial intelligence, virtual reality , Network security, user information protection etc.

CTTL-Terminals has the ability to test a complete IoT turnkey ecosystem and the capacity to formulate related technical standards. The optimal objective of CTTL-Terminals is to extend the scope to work with relevant organizations and enterprises in the industry to conduct detailed technical demonstrations and tests in multiple business use cases for the integration of IoT plus Blockchain. Another additional goal includes the improvement of IoT + Blockchain standards and ultimately to promote the development and application of Internet of Things + blockchain technology.

As an active pioneer of joint innovation of IoT and blockchain technologies, has independently developed BoAT blockchain application framework. This has rapidly transformed the IoT devices into IoT Oracles achieving trusted data on-chain and broader access to blockchain services. In 2019, after establishing business relationships with 9 mainstream cellular wireless module manufacturers, jointly collaborated to initiate the first ever Blockchain IoT Module alliance, where each vendor released their own brand of BoAT blockchain IoT module product offerings. This whole-of-industry approach aims to help hundreds of millions of IoT devices achieve trusted blockchain service access. The blockchain ushers in "a Golden era of trusted blockchain growth for a thriving IoT market.", recognized as an established leader, has participated in and enacted far-reaching preparation of this project, and jointly promoted the formulation of the first China technical standard for trusted blockchain access of IoT terminals. Currently, pilots and technical verifications are being carried out in a number of "blockchain+" innovative use cases, based on the trusted blockchain access of IoT terminals, including biological asset loans, residual value management of used cars, and electronic vehicle charging columns operation management. This further improvement provides valuable experience. Looking down the road further 2021, will strive to explore the application of IoT devices trusted access blockchain services in various business use cases with industry partners to accelerate the reliable flow of IoT data, and accomplish major business plans.

Trusted identity authentication and privacy-preserving data computation solution for the enterprises of AIoT

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Trusted identity authentication and privacy-preserving data computation solution for the enterprises of AIoT

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