Participates In China Unicom’s 5G Industry Terminal Summit And Signs MOU

Leo Lin, CEO of, attends “China Unicom 5G Industry terminal Joint Innovation signing ceremony”

“5G technology will and is driving and empowering multiple industry’s growth by providing a large number of 5G mobile devices, suitable for differentiated industry sectors. As of the end of June 2020, the GSA Global Mobile Suppliers Association has identified 300 terminal devices able to massively scale with the potential to accurately reach the massive IoT market through a defacto blockchain module strategy. This aids equipment vendors within traditional industries to realize the credible “Internet of Everything” environment”.

Blockchain modules are poised to become an important starting point for the integration and innovation of the Internet of Things + blockchain. These integrated modules ensure the security of IoT data from the source to actively build next-generation infrastructure with “stakeholders” as the core. Helping these IoT devices perform on the chain will greatly enhance the security and credibility of multi-party transactions and shared data; the combination of the two will increase business efficiency and reduce costs. is very honored to be able to join such a massive ecosystem by positioning ourselves with China Unicom’s 5G industry terminals and jointly explore the integration and innovation business opportunities of 5G + blockchain”.

Leo Lin, CEO —



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