participated in Microsoft AI & IoT Labs first Year anniversary celebration

Happy 1st Year Anniversary to Microsoft AI &IoT Labs!

On June 10, 2020, Microsoft invited Mr. Leo Lin, CEO of to participate in the 1st year anniversary dedication to its growing relationship with Microsoft’s AI&IoT Labs. has been saluted as a 2nd-round enterprise member, supported with gracious mentoring and guidance by Microsoft AI & IoT Labs. And, this was the very location where Mr. Leo Lin auspiciously launched their “1st year Anniversary” collaborative achievements — a Microsoft Azure Sphere-based trusted IoT solution with support and praise from local business leaders and experts in the industry.

Part 1: Microsoft AI&IoT Labs provides vital energy to empower to participate in Microsoft’s global Internet of Things ecosystem.

The Microsoft AI&IoT Labs (hereinafter referred to as the "Labs") has had a fruitful year since its official commencement of operations on May 15, 2019., has been saluted as a 2nd-round mentored enterprise member to skillfully utilize the expertise within the Labs, while leveraging resources and various innovative elements within the Labs to launch pioneering technology based on Microsoft Azure Sphere’s trusted IoT platform. Microsoft's brand, service, technology and industrial chain advantages, is facilitating the digital transformation of traditional industries by converting the landscape into a credible "Internet of Everything" environment.

Part 2: Cutting-Edge Innovation

Mr. Rashmi, Microsoft's Global Business Development AI Division’s General Manager, remotely participated in this event through an online hookup. He was joined on premise by Dr. Xu Mingqiang, chief technology officer of Microsoft Omnichannel Business Department, Zhou Mo, account director of Microsoft South China Public Sector, and Mr. Zhu Huanjing, Director of Global Business Development AI Division and General Manager of Microsoft Labs, all jointly there to take part in the event.

Part 3: launched “1st year Anniversary" collaborative achievements

Mr. Leo Lin, CEO of, released Cellular Sphere Solution based on Microsoft Azure Sphere technology.

There are many challenges to filtering and validating trusted data in the IoT industry and the ultimate goal is to securely transform existing IoT “things” at the edge into trusted and reliable devices back onto the cloud. In timely fashion, has just auspiciously launched “Cellular Sphere Solution”, thanks to Microsoft Azure Sphere IoT security protection for the Internet of Things. credible and trusted Internet of Things Devices foster digital transformation of traditional industries. Such solutions help digital transformation of traditional industries and promotes credible “Internet of Everything” best case scenarios. Mr. Lin echoed this principle during a recent dialogue interview with Mr. Michael Yu, Azure Sphere Chief Solution Expert on Microsoft IoT in Action Event Series 2020 Virtual Learning event, where he shared his vision of how can help Microsoft Greater China customers to start the journey of IoT digitalization. He emphasized this, while delivering an in-depth and creative exchange of ideas and projections.

Mr. Leo Lin express his views on site, sharing his best practices summary for the advancement of their product innovation. Leo emphasized, during this 1st anniversary occasion, prepared a detailed report of related achievements thanks to deep mutually-beneficial collabration with Microsoft's AI & IoT Labs.

Based on Microsoft Azure Sphere's IoT security technology and BoAT blockchain IoT module solution,a Cellular Sphere solution was launched for digital transformation of traditional industry device.。

This application not only utilizes the security capabilities of Azure Sphere and the communication capabilities of cellular modules to achieve device data security on the cloud, it also uses’s blockchain application framework called the “BoAT” embedded into the cellular module to achieve unique identification of devices, as well as, trusted data credibility on chain. Enterprises in traditional industries will be able to use the root trust of Azure Sphere to realize the on-chain/off-chain identification of the associated authentication. The tamper resistant nature of the blockchain helps to offer verifiable proof that the data on the cloud is tamper resistant. The ability to confirm the data is trusted and credible will help to dig deeply into the value of applications and data.

About Microsoft AI & IoT Insider Labs:

Microsoft AI & IoT Insider Labs focuses on in-depth integration and innovation of artificial intelligence and Internet of Things technology in manufacturing, retail, medical, financial, urban construction and other industries. Microsoft’s AI & IoT Insider Lab also provides extensive technical product support, application use case innovation. All-round resources for skill training and market channel expansion can not only help startups accelerate incubation, but also use Microsoft's powerful ecosystem resources to meet the diverse needs of large enterprise among the global market.

For more details about Microsoft's AI & IoT Insider Labs, please visit the official website

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