joined open source chip ecosystem cooperation alliance during Galanz Next 2020 Conference

On September 28th, 2020, China’s largest home appliance maker Galanz held “Galanz Next 2020” conference and released the latest Smart Microwave product, Galanz A6, they call “new species”. Concurrently at the event, StarFive(SiFive China) released the world’s first RISC-V based visual processing AI platform called Jinghong 7100. Galanz also announced the launching of an open source chip ecosystem cooperation alliance with many open source ecosystem partners including StarFive, LeapFive, and Mr Leo Lin was invited during this event to deliver his speech “When the Internet of Things meets Blockchain : BoAT-V Empowers Blockchain for RISC-V chips”.

Establishment of Open Source Chip Ecosystem Cooperation Alliance

Galanz has successfully scaled their very ambitious Smart Home Application Manufacturing in the Context of Industry 4.0 by investing 3 Billion Chinese Yuan in phase one, resulting in an annual production volume of 36 million with estimated sales figures totaling more than 10 Billion Chinese Yuan. As one of the two large Galanz billion-dollar projects, the semiconductor chipset project has been attracting attention from the industry. During the Galanz Next 2020” conference, Galanz announced its first RISC-V chip has been designed-in to various Galanz home appliance devices, while a second RISC-V chip project is reaching its testing stage.

As JV of Galanz, StarFive and Henderson, LeapFive’s visionary CTO, Dr. Aglaia Kong released a series of RISC-V based AIoT chipsets and a full-stack solution for smart home & smart manufacturing and She is also passionate about the combination of blockchain and the Internet of Things. Dr. Aglaia Kong said “In the future, all of home appliances need to be connected to the Internet and RISC-V architecture will be the best choice. Through strategic tie up cooperation with, blockchain application framework dedicated for RISC-V architecture has been enriched to empower the different IoT+Blockchain scenarios, ensuring a stronger, and more trusted infrastructure for the data value exchange from future connected home appliance applications. ”

Dr. Aglaia Kong CTO of LeapFive , has strategically released a full-stack solution for smart home and smart manufacturing with RISC-V chipsets

Mr. Leo Lin, CEO of also pointed out in the keynote speech, “ It is our pleasure and a great honor to join the open source ecosystem cooperation alliance while jointly launching a dedicated blockchain application framework version, “BoAT-V”, for RISC-V architecture. BoAT-V is already integrated into LeapFive’s RISC-V AIoT chipsets, which will be used for various of Galanz’s smart home appliances, and will enable the features to access the blockchain service for future-oriented home appliance application. With these features, we can better exchange the value of data with high efficiency to provide keen focus on innovative applications and business models."

Mr. Leo Lin, CEO of, recently released a blockchain application framework version BoAT-V for RISC-V architecture

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