Hosts Ecosystem Party Celebrating BoAT Anniversary

When Blockchain meets IoT,’s “BoAT” sets sail to embark from the Bund on a journey to explore a new blue ocean of IoT 3.0 evolution

After the conclusion of the 6th Annual Wanxiang Blockchain Summit, special Internet of Things 3.0 theme forum on October 28th, BoAT Anniversary Banquet helped to lite up the famous Shanghai evening skyline along the North Bund promenade. jointly-hosted a unique and festive cross-border dialogue with[1] and Longwin Capital along with invited industry elites from the Internet of Things and blockchain fields. As the Exclusive partner of this year’s Internet of Things 3.0 theme forum, invited an impressive higher-ups from the Internet of Things and blockchain industries to gather together after the summit for further debate and dialogue as well as innovative thinking from the still freshly concluded event.

Time: Wednesday, October 28, 2020 from: 18:30-22:30

Location: the North Bund promenade

Event host: Ms. Peng Zhao, the founder of

17:30–18:30 Sign in for Attendees and Guests

18:30–19:30 Guest dialogue and on-site exchange with appetizers and cocktails

19:20–19:30 Host opening

19:30–19:35 Opening speech and concluding remarks at the IoT 3.0-forum Dr. Xiao Feng, Chairman of WanXiang Blockchain

19:35–19:40 Speech by representative of Investor Mr. Shen Kang, Partner of Longwin Capital

19:40–19:50 Project Progress and Future Prospects Mr. Leo Lin, CEO of

19:50–19:55 Message from the advisor of Mr. Liang XinJun, co-founder of Fosun Group

19:55–20:00 Message from the advisor of Dr. Aglaia Kong, CTO of LeapFive, CTO of Google Enterprise Networks, and CTO of Cisco China

20:00–20:05 Message from the advisor of Mr. James H. Boettcher, Founding Partner of Focus Ventures

20:05–20:10 Message from the advisor of Dr Chen XiaoTian

20:10–22:30 Concluding Comments and accolades

Guest messages

Dr. XIAO Feng

Wanxiang Blockchain Chairman and CEO

As we prepared for this Wanxiang Blockchain Summit, we learned that it’s important to bring together those thought leaders from the ecosystem to really emphasize the rise of next generation IoT solutions into what is termed “IoT 3.0”. And in that case, it really has to be about continued integration of the Blockchain, privacy computing, artificial intelligence and other technologies. The Internet of Things 3.0 has two key signs: one is the possibility of real-time value exchange at the network level, and the other is a self-organizing network based on trusted data.

Dr. XIAO Feng, Wanxiang Blockchain Chairman and CEO

Mr. Shen Kang

Partner of Longwin Capital

There can be no mistaking it, the window of opportunity is now for “blockchain +” RMB equity investment trends in China. Longwin Capital is not only an early-stage industrial investor in, but also learned a lot from’s success and savvy vision. We not only understand the broader world-view of the Internet of Things better, but also deepened our understanding not just in blockchain, but also in the integration and innovation of the Internet of Things with blockchain. Our next investment strategy is called "Blockchain+" model. Based on the standard of, we are looking for companies that both know how to use blockchain technology in a certain IoT vertical industry; Reduce costs and increase efficiency, and have the ability to create new business models. This is the criterion we chose.

Mr. Shen Kang, Partner of Longwin Capital

Mr. Leo Lin CEO

Fellow guests, Thank you very much for coming to the riverside tonight and spending this beautiful night with us, and thank you all for your trust and help in the past 18 months to help us build the BoAT ecosystem. From the very basic core to the most sophisticated elements, we’ve jointly created an ever-expanding ecosystem: What I mean is Blockchain empowerment from four distinct levels: chip architecture, IoT chips, wireless modules, and global mobile operators. With the official release of the " BoAT+PlatONE IoT Data Enablement Platform", we positively believe IoT industry experts and business representatives will participate in the innovation of evolving business models based on the concept of a trusted data base to focus on the IoT and blockchain. This ecosystem emphasizes a bottom-up process to realize integration, while also promoting a transparent exploration of the value of data.

Mr. Leo Lin, CEO

Mr. Liang Xinjun

Co-founder of Fosun Group is a leader in the intersection of IoT and blockchain. I hope that in the next two to three years, will strategically deploy the BoAT to as many devices as possible with the help of all these ecosystem partners. The specific development can be divided into three steps: the first stage is to help as many IoT enterprises as possible to solve real needs of diminishing pain points for enterprise devices to access and sent data to the cloud, while concurrently delivering trusted data on the blockchain; the second step, to ferry the data on the blockchain to help companies complete the monetization process for the data, and the third step is to metamorphosize those attributes on to the Internet of Things devices after the payment conditions are mature to realize payment for all things.

Mr. Liang Xinjun, Co-founder of Fosun Group

Dr. Aglaia Kong

CTO of LeapFive, CTO of Google Enterprise Networks, and CTO of Cisco China

RISC-V is a very good chip architecture, and since it’s open source worldwide we don’t foresee technical limitations for the broad usage of intellectual property rights. Additionally, with the ever-expandable technical features, it is easier to build an autonomous and controllable ecosystem from. Our goals are initially to further collaborate with to enrich the blockchain software stack under RISC-V architecture, secondly, we hope to provide a stronger, safer, and more reliable infrastructure support for future IoT applications, and finally to jointly realize the mining of valuable IoT data.

Dr. Aglaia Kong ,CTO of LeapFive, CTO of Google Enterprise Networks, and CTO of Cisco China

James H. Boettcher

Founding Partner, Focus Ventures has built a next-generation computing platform based on the trusted data of the Internet of Things. When we use the term "Trinity" of things, it refers to how the Internet of Things is responsible for the collection of the data, the usage of artificial intelligence and big data analysis for the processing of massive amounts of data, and then the blockchain is responsible for a credible flow of data, the storage of and the confirmation of the data. provides the underlying technology for the digital migration of the physical world, and I am very excited to participate in it. I believe that is the emerging technology juggernaut of this new digital empowerment track and will have a very good opportunity to grow rapidly in overseas markets. I am very happy to provide them with help and advice in this regard.

James H. Boettcher, Founding Partner, Focus Ventures

Dr. Chen Xiaotian

The distributed, traceable, and sharing mechanism of the blockchain really offers multiple solutions: It will help the Internet of Things solve data trust and sharing issues, help the conversion to data assets for financial services in future, and deliver real “trust” between the equipment and partners, and finally save costs. As a pioneer and leader in the field of integration and innovation of the Internet of Things and blockchain, has transitioned from pure technological innovation to practical adaptative innovation, and is working within this fast-paced industry to create a "next killer APP”-Blockchain+IoT Ecosystem .

Dr. Chen Xiaotian

Host of The Bund Party

Ms. Peng Zhao

Founder of

Ms. Peng Zhao, Founder of

About is a technology startup focusing on trusted identity authentication and data privacy-preserving for AIoT enterprises. Capitalizing on the rich resources of the global IoT industry, has been instrumental to successfully navigate the fragmented IoT vertical industry with an advantageous early adoption strategy for surging cellular IoT platforms. The mission statement of includes the ability to leverage the global alliance of cellular IoT manufacturers to empower IoT device manufacturers to tap the value of applications and data. At the beginning of the project’s launch in the second half of 2018, obtained angel investment from IoT industry expert groups and strategic investment from Wanxiang Blockchain also became a member of the sixth phase of the ARM accelerator growth camp.

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