honored to be acknowledged as one of the top 30 firms in the privacy computing industry for 2020
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China’s 1st Privacy Computing Industry Forum was held during Hangzhou Blockchain International Week on July 5th, concurrently with an award ceremony for the top 30 firms in the privacy-preserving computation industry. The theme for 2020 was “Privacy Computing and the Orderly flow of Data Security”. The event brought together representatives and experts of top mainstream institutions in many technical sectors, such as AI, blockchain, big data, Internet of Things and others. The key thought-provoking topics discussed included “cryptography”, “secure multi-party computation (MPC)”, “security” and “federal learning” How to reconstruct data value and share data dividends under integration. as a sleek and stealthy innovative tech startup, integrating the Internet of Things with privacy-preserving computation, was one of the key invitees for this prestigious Top 30 award and was voted “the Most Powerful Application for privacy-preserving computation during the ceremony.

Mr. Gary Xu (fourth from right), the CTO jointly took the stage with the other award recipients to receive his award on behalf of

The first unvailing of a benchmark for China's Privacy-Preserving Computation industry, [Top 30 Privacy Computing Industry in 2020] list

This selection is based on the concept of a “data service industry, where data urgently needs efficiency, and computing brings about change”. This is the first time domestic output has set the stage for consensus on a evaluation system of good governance for privacy-preserving computation industry.. Its actually a “first” for the industry to provide a perspective and standard to help traditional enterprises, investment institutions, government organizations and other organizations to understand the inner workings and development trends of a privacy-preserving computation technology trend; this helps the development selection for high-quality solution partners, while also supporting the continuous development of these outstanding projects and teams with investment capital.

About is a technology startup focusing on trusted identity authentication and data privacy-preserving for AIoT enterprises. Capitalizing on the rich resources of the global IoT industry, has been instrumental to successfully navigate the fragmented IoT vertical industry with an advantageous early adoption strategy for surging cellular IoT platforms. The mission statement of includes the ability to leverage the global alliance of cellular IoT manufacturers to empower IoT device manufacturers to tap the value of applications and data. At the beginning of the project’s launch in the second half of 2018, obtained angel investment from IoT industry expert groups and strategic investment from Wanxiang Blockchain also became a member of the sixth phase of the ARM accelerator growth camp.

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Trusted identity authentication and privacy-preserving data computation solution for the enterprises of AIoT