CEO delivers keynote speech at Arm PSA Security Seminar

Futuristic Market Predictions:

By 2020, there will be more than 20 billion IoT devices appearing in our daily lives, which will widely affect vertical industries such as urban water supply, energy grids, industrial production, smart transportation and smart healthcare. More and more IoT device manufacturers have realized that trust is essential to the success of IoT network and device deployments, but building a terminal-based security solution independently in the short term is too problematic and resource-intensive. “BoAT” Framework from, which is a compatible middleware developed in accordance with the PSA (Platform Security Architecture) security standard, is based on ARM’s PSA chip and operating system security. This provides a secure closed-loop landing for PSA based on secure cellular modules, operating in a fragmented IoT marketplace.

Mr. Leo Lin, CEO of delivered a keynote speech entitled “Blockchain of AI Things, trust to be free”.
BoAT Solution Architecture



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