and PlatON announce their hook-up with C3 Odyssey Program on 5th annual Global Blockchain Summit
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-- & PlatON announced hook-up plans for an future C3 Odyssey Program at the 5th annual Global Blockchain Summit in Shanghai, China

The 5th annual Global Blockchain Summit in Shanghai (Sept. 16th-18th) was the setting for the joint announcement of and PlatON for continued strategic cooperation of the integrated PlatON BoAT technology solution, while also highlighting their combined goal to pre-announce their vision for the C3 (Cellular+Crypto+Community) Odyssey Program in the near future. The Odyssey program’s main objective is to invite, combine and scale partnerships of major global industry-leading firms with the vision of cooperation for the global technology ecosystem and developer community for the Blockchain and IoT.

On September 16, 2019, at the Shanghai Blockchain International Week Demo Day, Mr. Leo Lin, founder and CEO of, shared his visionary blueprint for the development of the digital economy of the next decade. He believes that from the perspective of technological evolution, the digital economy is a combined, strategic fusing of IoT + AI + Blockchain. Leo articulately expressed his view that the core entrance for the digital economy will be intelligent IoT devices. "BoAT" (Blockchain of AI Things), as the name implies, has the task to enable the Internet of Things through blockchain with the outcome of achieving data privacy-preserving and helping facilitate the expansion of the digital economy to operate safely at the source of the data (device side).

Leo Lin, Founder & CEO of

“When the intelligent Internet of Things replaces the mobile Internet as the next generation solution, where will the entry point of the new era?”

1 BoAT: Next-generation financial infrastructure “entry” for intelligent IoT (Point of view refining)

Leo believes argues the promising digital economy boom will show us the next great metamorphic change based on evolving technological advances. The digital economy has evolved along with advances in information technology. When discussing this evolutionary process, which is tied to data developments, expect to see three key technologies continue to fuse together as new usage flourishes.

· IoT: Provides low-cost technical solution to collect data. It is believed that with the commercialization of 5G, more massive data will be generated on the device side.

· AI: AI explores the value of data through analysis of massive data collection.

· Blockchain: Blockchain is an infrastructure for better trusted exchange of data value.

In order to jump onto this digital economic fast track, chose to start with the creation of a IoT device wallet and protection of digital assets from the edge. The BoAT is a trusted framework embedded into the cellular IoT module and is composed of two basic technologies:

(1) Trusting of edge devices based on deploying cryptographic key management utilizing a secure operating system inside an embedded processor chip called the TEE (Trusted Execution Environment), allowing for reliable data collection on the device to then be signed on the chain

(2) Cooperation with PlatON, to provide data privacy-preserving solution, thus allowing data protection based on privacy, liquidity and trading.

Mr. Leo Lin, aitos CEO introducing two cutting edge technologies and four usages for the his “BoAT” framework

Based on Blockchain and IoT technologies the following four functions have been developed.

(1) Generate and store private keys in a secure container of IoT devices, and sign the data and transactions onto blockchain.

(2) Deploy smart contracts and enable data value exchange based on privacy preserving computation .

(3) Remote authentication can monitor the security status of the device to see if there are signs of intrusion.

(4) Threshold signing. Once the device is illegally invaded, the technology of threshold signing using cryptography ensures the hacker is unable obtain the complete private key.

2 Field Applications DEMO (IoT data on chain | IoT payment | IoT asset management)

Demo 1: IoT data on-chain

“The module loaded with temperature sensors is converted into a blockchain oracle through the BoAT framework, so that the device data can be directly and reliably uploaded to the blockchain from the device side. The data has the opportunity to be better circulated in the future data market and possessing the attributes of finance. This demo shows how temperature data in the physical world can be transferred and uploaded to the blockchain as a smart contract by the BoAT framework. Imagine that there are tens of thousands of IoT devices around us today in a network and it could form one of the infrastructures of a smart city today. These devices generate huge amounts of data and hold great value. However, the value of this data has a prerequisite. Firstly, the data must be credible; secondly, the data cannot be tampered with, and thirdly, data must be privacy- preserving. ”

Demo 2: machine-to-machine payment

“4G modules integrated with BoAT framework can support two-way application of machine-to-machine (or device-to-device) payments. The standard 4G cellular module becomes a POS (Point-of-Sale) terminal after integrating the BoAT function to receive the payments. It can also turn the module into a device wallet, which pays directly based on smart contracts. 4G modules are currently widely used in many commercial scenarios, including automobiles, vending machines, etc. Through the power of our BoAT framework, IoT manufacturers and service providers can quickly deploy a set of machine-to-machine payment capabilities, which we consider to be part of future infrastructures for economy of things. ”

Demo 3: IoT asset right management

“The demo of asset management of intelligent equipments is exactly the demo that was displayed during the Wanxiang Blockchain Hackathon the weekend before. It shows the manifestation of Fintech by managing the using right of IoT equipment assets. The typical time-sharing lease characteristics are:

(a) unattended operation requirements

(b) high-frequency asset movement

(c) high-frequency asset using right conversion

(d) regulatory requirements for mortgage vehicle operation

Because of current problems, including the identification of traffic liability and value-added services i.e. insurance services, it is necessary to meet the requirements of authoritative user identity authentication and non-counterfeit property rights. From mobile phones and car gateways, the identity of a trusted user, the identity of the car are obtained through BoAT framework. The identity of the car and the person are merged into a digital identity, xID, through the smart contract on the chain. Consequently, the identity mapping problem of the trusted person and the car can be perfectly solved by building a trusted digital foundation platform, which helps multiple parties in the transaction (leaser, operator, bank,etc ) in a typical time-sharing business scenario.

3 C3 Odyssey program plans to gain more industry partners in 2020 (Coming soon)

C3 Odyssey Program

BoAT will help blockchain better integrate with the real world. It has entered the preparation stage.

Wanxiang Blockchain + China Unicom IoT

PlatON ecosystem

Global well-known module brands partnerships including FIBOCOM, Quectel, Meigsmart, Neoway, SIMCom, GOSUNCN, MobileTek, Lierda, Yuge

And more industry partners are on the way including ThunderSoft, Nibiru, INGEEK, urovo, ACloud, Autolink, ABUP, InHand, and m2motive.

Inclusive Finance for Smart Animal Husbandry

Connected Car Finance

Smart logistics supply chain financial sector

More commercial applications landing

Stay tuned


Leo also introduced some technical explorations and ecosystem business development efforts that BoAT has already carried out: "At the end of June, Wanxiang Blockchain and China Unicom IoT jointly established the IoT + Blockchain Innovation Center to explore new use case scenarios and business models together. On June 28th , MWC-Shanghai 2019, and two listed Cellular IoT module manufactures (Quectel and Fibocom) jointly released the world's first batch of 5G blockchain modules integrated with the BoAT framework. has a long-term strategic plan for the support of most mainstream IoT manufacturers to first engage in commercial Proof-of-Concept projects in key application scenarios and with virtual ecosystem key partners.

About is a technology startup focusing on trusted identity authentication and data privacy-preserving for AIoT enterprises. Capitalizing on the rich resources of the global IoT industry, has been instrumental to successfully navigate the fragmented IoT vertical industry with an advantageous early adoption strategy for surging cellular IoT platforms. The mission statement of includes the ability to leverage the global alliance of cellular IoT manufacturers to empower IoT device manufacturers to tap the value of applications and data. At the beginning of the project’s launch in the second half of 2018, obtained angel investment from IoT industry expert groups and strategic investment from Wanxiang Blockchain also became a member of the sixth phase of the ARM accelerator growth camp.

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