and LeapFive jointly launch Industry-First RISC-V IoT chipset featuring BoAT-V and LeapFive jointly launch Industry-First RISC-V IoT chipset based on BoAT blockchain application framework

RISC-V based IoT chips are witnessing a steady rise in adoption within the fast-paced semiconductor industry. Among the key features of RISC-V architecture based IoT chips are the open source nature and scalability of instruction set that match synergistically well when combined with the decentralized, openness and tamper-resistant characteristics of the blockchain. and LeapFive are building an open source ecosystem to help accelerate growth near term by introducing a RISC-V IoT chip with blockchain feature ready. “BoAT-V” will be jointly launched by and LeapFive and is a blockchain application framework for RISC-V architecture to accelerate growth, enabling massive IoT devices with trusted data on chain.

In the intelligent manufacturing industry, upgrades are taking place discretely to drive a massive number of “Smart” terminal products. Looking forward, we can expect customization, low cost and rapid upgrading to be key trends influencing the future of chip design. The very nature of RISC-V being open source ties in perfectly to solve the aforementioned pain points in chip designs. RISC-V as an open source chip architecture came into being at the University of California — Berkley in 2010. After 5 generations of upgrades, RISC-V chip architecture has finally matured for commercial use. Most recently, RISC-V has been supported by more than 100 technology companies such as IBM, NXP, Western Digital, Nvidia, Qualcomm, Samsung, Google, and Alibaba. LeapFive and’s strategic announcement a few days ago for cooperation will blossom into cloud security and trusted blockchain technology on open source chip architecture to ramp up the IoT industry chain. is an emergent startup firm focusing on the integration of Internet of Things and blockchain technology. Capitalizing on its rich resources in the Internet of Things industry, created BoAT(Blockchain of AI Things)-a unique blockchain application framework customized for IoT chipsets, modules as well as edge devices. The BoAT (Blockchain of AI Things) framework enables IoT device manufacturers to quickly implement trusted data on the chain. BoAT-V is a newly released version of BoAT based on RISC-V chip architecture.

LeapFive and are jointly launching the world’s first RISC-V IoT chip based on the BoAT blockchain application framework. The BoAT-V framework will help edge IoT devices access the blockchain service and invoke smart contracts.

During a recent discussion, Dr. Aglaia Kong, LeapFive’s CTO said that “RISC-V is a strategically important chip technical architecture, because RISC-V is open source worldwide, the instruction set is expandable, and building a sustainable ecosystem is easier.” It is expected that up to 50 Billion global Internet of Things devices will be built by 2025. This massive demand for IoT devices will have a huge impact on traditional Internet software system. LeapFive believes an architecture is needed to flexibly utilize edge computing and local sensors to beef up safe data storage issues for the betterment of the entire industry. RISC-V utilization is an excellent choice for this challenge! Since expanding cooperation with , we’ve also been able to enrich the RISC-V blockchain software stack, apply various successful market entry strategies based on the Internet of Things + blockchain integration, and build a future-oriented home appliance Internet of Things infrastructure support system. With these features, we can better mine the value of data with high efficiency to provide keen focus on innovative applications and business models.

About LeapFive

LeapFive was established in January, 2020, and is committed to the development of AIoT (Artificial Intelligence of Things) System on Chip (SoC) based on it’s RISC-V open source chip architecture. Additionally, LeapFive developed an IoT cloud platform that can provide customers with mature, stable, and cost-effective system-level solutions among AIoT application fields ranging from Smart Homes, Smart City, Smart Energy, Smart Environmental Protection and Smart Manufacturing to other fields.



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